Aussie Author Challenge Books Outdo Yourself Challenge

Book Review: The Hypnotist’s love story #aussieauthorchallenge

February 9, 2016
The hypnotist's love story

The Hypnotist’s Love Story is a book by author Liane Moriarty. She was one of my author finds of 2015 after Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret. I bought all her books and after this one, I have to wait for when she publishes her next book. Ellen is a hypnotherapist in Sydney’s northern beaches. With a house by the beach, no mortgage {thanks to inheriting said house from her grandparents}, a career she enjoys and good friends like…

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Aussie Author Challenge Books Outdo Yourself Challenge

Book Review: Hades #aussieauthorchallenge

February 8, 2016
book review Hades

Hades is the debut crime fiction novel by author, Candice Fox. Frank Bennett has been assigned to a new homicide squad and is partnered with the mysterious Eden Archer following the death of her previous partner. However, he can’t seem to figure her out. Her brother Eric — also part of the squad — appears to warn Bennett to not get too close. As Bennett and Archer investigate a possible serial killer who has been killing victims for their organs, Bennett…

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Kitty Kapers Pebbles Posts

Meow from Pebbles #felinefriday

February 6, 2016

Meow! It’s Pebbles here. I figured I should go first because I’m older than Buttons. He is the bossy one though but I don’t always take his crap. So why am I here? Well, mum said one of her friends started something called a link party for the first Friday of the month. To be pawfectly honest, I don’t know what day it is — all my days seem the same. Except Sunday. I know Sunday because mum is around…

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The Month That Was

The month that was January 2016

February 1, 2016
January 2016

I almost forgot that it was the beginning of a brand new month. January always seems to whizz into nothingness and before you know it, February is here. This year, January seemed busier than usual. I started January by making goals for 2016 and choosing a word for the year. I spent four days of the new year being a tad overwhelmed as I tried to wrap up everything at my workplace or five years. After saying a bitter-sweet goodbye, I…

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Me, Myself and I

My biggest strength #MondayMusings

January 25, 2016
biggest strength

For a lot of us, judging ourselves harshly comes easy. We are capable of rattling off 10 weaknesses or flaws over a single strength or positive attribute. Sure, we can blame media and experiences on how we think about ourselves but at the end of the day, if we want to view ourselves in a better light, we have to make the effort and mindfully choose to do so. In the spirit of focussing on the positive and attempting to…

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