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I miss you #FridayReflections

May 27, 2016
i miss you

You used to be so vibrant, so full of life. Laughter came easily to you. Sometimes loud and clear or sometimes, in giggly spurts. You made noises. Weird ones. Just because you could. Just because it would evoke a laugh from the person next to you. You always spoke your mind. Confident in your views, cynical or not. You loved adventure and were so very brave. You took risks. Some big, some calculated. If they worked out, you whooped with…

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Fear of failure #FridayReflections

May 20, 2016
fear of failure

As part of work lately, I have been treating a fair few perfectionists. I consider myself a reformed perfectionist but in no way was I ever as bad as some of the kids I see these days. A lot of these kids base their entire self-worth on achievement. And for most, their achievement is the marks they get. Growing up in a country where marks were the most important thing ever during school, it’s almost surprising I didn’t become as…

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Me, Myself and I

Reaching out

May 17, 2016

When things get tough, I try and handle it all. I am responsible. I was always taught to be. Maybe it comes from being the eldest child. Maybe it’s just my personality. After eleven years of living on my own, cherishing my independence, paving my path, it has become harder and harder to depend on anyone. When things get really tough, I pull back from asking for help. Because somehow, somewhere I think I’ve failed if I have to ask…

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Rants and raves Reflections

Worst advice ever #FridayReflections

May 13, 2016
worst advice

Have you ever noticed how people just love to give advice? It’s like opinions. Everyone thinks they have a right to share their opinion regardless of where they are or the impact of it. In a similar vein, every Tom, Dick and Sally loves to dish out their advice for a whole lot of things. I’ve had my fair share of advice over the years. Some of it has been useful. Stuff like ‘always stay true to yourself.’ Or ‘make…

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The gratitude myth

May 10, 2016

Gratitude is big these days. There are memes on gratitude, quotes on gratitude, gratitude journals galore and even workshops on gratitude! We are told, particularly in the developed and developing world, to focus on all that we have. We have a roof over our head, we have food on the table, we have a job to go to, good healthcare options, good education, access to technology, everything. All very valid things to be grateful for. We are told to think…

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