The time I flea-bombed the house

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Having pets is a huge responsibility. It’s like having children who are forever dependent on you. The plus side is, they don’t talk back. I knew what I was signing up for when I adopted Pebbles and later, Buttons. Pebbles was like the first child — I trained her well. Buttons on the other hand, I got kinda lazy with and well, his behaviour is a reflection of my poor purrenting.

I knew right from the beginning they were going to be indoor cats as I live in a unit. I also knew that they had to be desexed and vaccinated. On adoption, I learnt about needing to give them worming tablets and also de-fleaing them. Now given that they are indoor cats, I didn’t think the last two would be a big issue. The worming tablets were easy — I put it in their food. But when I first got Pebbles, I struggled with the flea medication.

For non-pet owners, flea medication like Frontline is generally not in the form of a tablet but rather a liquid that has to be squeezed onto the back of a cat’s neck and the top of their head. Sounds easy? Not when a cat is involved. At some point when I had only Pebbles, I slacked off a bit with the flea meds as it was getting difficult to get hold of her and get the job done. I figured that being an indoor cat, she was not very likely to get fleas.


Pebbles: looking curious as usual


Of course, Mr Murphy and his laws had other ideas. I noticed that Pebbles had begun scratching ever so slightly. I still tried to grab her to put the flea meds but didn’t really succeed. Then one time, when she was sitting on my lap, I noticed an actual flea in her white fur. I managed to get hold of it with a flea comb and thought that was the end of it.

But no. I soon noticed another one which was harder to get. By now I was desperate. I found that there were some tablets to de-flea cats but it didn’t seem to work. Around this time, I was also looking at getting a second cat. I adopted Buttons and asked the lady at the rescue the best possible way to put the flea medication on cats. She showed me the easiest way: I had to hold the cat on the neck which kinda puts them in a submissive position and then just apply the meds. She did it in a second! With Buttons all de-flead, I went home to do the same to Pebbles.


Buttons: he has lost weight since this pic!

Unfortunately for me, I had left it too long. Before I knew it, Pebbles had passed on some of her fleas to Buttons and I’m still certain I got bitten by one or two. This called for emergency measures. I had to comb both cats down thoroughly. I managed to apply Frontline Plus on them. And then the worst part: I had to flea-bomb my unit.

I first flea-bombed the bedrooms while I stayed with the cats in the lounge room for a few hours. Then we went into the bedroom while we flea-bombed the rest of the unit. I also washed all the sheets and vacuumed the entire unit and finally, aired out the place. I must have spent almost an entire day doing just that.

They can sleep easy and so can I

They can sleep easy and so can I

But this story did have a happy ending. I saw no signs of fleas on the cats and the house too was flea-free. Since then, I manage to chase them down and apply Frontline without giving in.  I don’t care that they don’t seem happy about it.

After all, it’s for their own good. And mine too.

Do you have pets? Ever had any flea disasters?

Do share!

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I received a Liebster award

The wonderful Amy from Handbag Mafia nominated me for The Liebster Award this week. It took me back to a time when awards were always proudly displayed on the sidebar. Until of course, it just got way too cluttered and went into some deep dark cupboard. Anyway, I digress.

So what is the Liebster Award? Well, it’s a blogging award. You know, when bloggers recognise the hard work and creativity and dedication of other bloggers. And you get to answer some questions and of course, nominate someone else for the award. Without further ado, here goes.


What makes you happy?

Writing, reading, the beach, nature,  my cats, good food, good wine and good times with friends.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a way to keep my family overseas updated of my life here in Australia. A few months later, I decided I didn’t want anyone I knew to read anything I wrote and created a whole new blog under a pseudonym where I ranted and raved about anything and everything that annoyed me. Basically, I started blogging because I have way too many thoughts in my head and not enough people who would actually listen to them! So instead, I get random people on the internet to do that. {And yes, thank you for being so patient!}

What is the best thing anyone has ever said about your blog?

Hmm…this one is a doozy. Someone told me recently that I had a way of writing that really captures the reader. I don’t know if they said that just because they are my friend, of course but I did like the compliment. :)

What is one piece of advice you would offer or one saying you live by?

Not sure if I live by anything but since last year, I’ve been trying to follow ‘Live your life, follow your heart’. Well, I guess I tried to live by that and just lately have been caught up in the mundane routine and probably not really living life.


What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Cheese, crackers and wine for dinner. Which kinda means I’ve been feeling guilty for a long time!

I could do this everyday! Image Source: Pixabay

I could do this everyday! Image Source: Pixabay

What are your top three bucket list items?

  1. Publish a novel/novella/book of some kind
  2. Do something worthwhile that somehow changes someone’s life {I still haven’t figured out what!}

  3. I really haven’t thought this through!

What is one product or service you cannot live without?

Coffee. Although I think my sister would argue it’s WiFi as I kept looking for WiFi everywhere I travelled during my trip to Canada and the US.

What is your favourite Australian travel destination?

I love Australia and by far, my favourite has been Cairns. I still haven’t seen all of it and want to go back to explore more. The Great Barrier Reef was one of my biggest highlights.

Yeah that's me back in 2012

Yeah that’s me back in 2012

What two countries make you the happiest to visit?

Given that in my lifetime I’ve only visited 5 countries {Australia, India, Canada, U.S, and Oman}, I think I’m just going to choose Australia. We have so much amazing stuff to see here! I’m happy to visit India for the food {and my parents and some friends}…not much else and Canada made me quite happy as I do want to go back and explore the Rockies further.

What is your dream destination?

Greece. And New Zealand. I’ve really been wanting to visit these places for a while.

Thanks again Amy for passing on this award. I had to really think about some of those answers! It’s my turn to pass it on. I hereby nominate the following bloggers to be the recipients of the Liebster Award:

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Jess from Nerdy Dirty Flirty 30

PeeVee from Cookie Crumbs Inc

All you have to do is grab the award, answer the questions and pass on the love.

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The Itch

I wake up each morning at 5 to the incessant sound of the alarm. Like clockwork, I get dressed for the gym, have a coffee, feed the cats, pick up my bags and leave home. I hit the gym hard for 45 minutes, then drive to work, shower and start my day at 8. I work till 5 and fight the traffic to head home. I have dinner, watch a bit of telly, blog a bit and chat with Mr Imperfect. We go to bed and then it starts all over again.

This is my life. This is my routine. But as much as I love routine, there is a part of me that just wants to leave this all behind. Well, not the cats or Mr Imperfect or my exercise.

I don’t really know what I want. It can’t be a mid-life crisis.



I kinda yearn to quit my job, sell my apartment, and move down the south coast and live in a cottage by the sea. With Mr Imperfect and the kitties. We could run a bed and breakfast perhaps. Or even a local cafe. We could go for walks by the beach. I could wake up and watch the sun rise. I’d see kangaroos in my backyard and think nothing of it. I could write for hours on end. On the blog and other stuff I keep putting off. I could read. Oh, I could read all the 80-odd books just screaming to be read on my bookshelf. And of course, I could buy a whole lot more. I could explore the unknown and make my own adventures. Mr Imperfect could fish. And we could snorkel and swim. I could, for once, really slow down in life.

There is an itch to get out of my comfort zone and to ditch the routine. I feel like getting away from it all. Yet at the same time, I don’t. I am a city girl at heart. I have always loved my busy and fast-paced life.

But I wonder if something is changing.

Do you ever have that itch to change things? What have you done about it and how did it go?

Do share!

Image Source: Pexels

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5 Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

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I used to be an active kid — kicking the football with friends, riding my bike most days or playing cricket. This reduced as I entered high school and studies took priority with cricket and cycling being relegated to weekends and summer holidays. Of course, the weight gain came with that {and puberty and bad eating, I suppose} and like most teenage girls, I ended up being unhappy with my body. in the last three years though, I have regained my love for an active lifestyle. To the point where I get stir-crazy if I haven’t done something active for more than two days in a row {I am capable of taking a break for a day or two!}.

Let me clarify one thing — an active lifestyle to me, doesn’t always involve hitting the gym {which I love!}. It’s also hiking, exploring new places on foot, going for walks, riding a bike which you could get from 99 bikes, or swimming in the beach. People with better rhythm and coordination might also like dancing or zumba as part of an active lifestyle. In any case, as long as you are moving and not slouched on the couch all day, you are being active.


Here are some of my benefits of an active lifestyle:

Better Mood

For me personally, this is the biggest reward of an active lifestyle. Sure, I’m in a bit of a mood slump at the moment but my mood does pick up when I’m exercising. Of course, there’s heaps of research out there to show that exercising and being active, helps your mood. It’s all about those endorphins!

Better health

If weight loss is your goal, then an active lifestyle is a great start. Of course, even if you just want to manage your weight, it’s important to have an active lifestyle. Being a healthy weight reduces the risk of cardiac disease and illnesses like diabetes. One of the motivators for me to kickstart my active lifestyle was my mum needing to undergo a bypass surgery at the age of 52 in spite of being reasonably healthy, active and not having cholesterol problems. The way I saw it, if she could have it at 52, then with my inactive lifestyle, I was looking at heart problems at 40.

Better sleep

If you are physically active, you are more likely to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for longer. Sure there are several reasons behind sleep problems including bad sleep habits, but if you are inactive and struggling with falling asleep or staying asleep, trying increasing your activity levels during the day and see if there is a change. I know I have no trouble falling asleep…I just don’t get enough hours!

Less stress

Similar to mood, exercise and activity is helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety levels. I always tell my clients how if it wasn’t for exercise I’d be a basket case. It’s true. My work is stressful. And I need my time to not focus on any of it. Exercising at the gym or hiking out in nature really helps my stress levels.

Meeting new friends

You can meet some amazing people when you start getting active. It’s kinda like bloggers meeting bloggers and discovering a wonderful community. I have made some wonderful friends through hiking and camping, and meet some lovely people at the gym I go to {which is unlike your usual chains and more personable}. It’s a great way to expand your social group and keep you motivated to be active.

Do you lead an active lifestyle? What are some of its benefits for you?

Do share!

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The Silent Scream


The promise of a brand new dawn
Awakens me every single day
But before long, as hours go on
My world turns into a dull grey

An empty feeling that’s hard to describe
Settles heavily within my chest
My mind creates its own havoc inside
Telling me dark tales causing unrest

All the things that made me happy
Books, writing, nature and exercise
Seem to have become a mundane necessity
No longer do they brighten my eyes

The guilt that follows is even worse
Because on the surface, I have it all
A job, a house and money in my purse
A man who loves me and picks me when I fall

Yet, something is missing; a spark has gone
As even routine cannot be withstood
I look in the mirror and see a face forlorn
And a person who wants to escape for good

Where would I go, I don’t know yet
Perhaps somewhere I can get rid of the pain
But if it’s inside me, it won’t let me forget
And suffer I will, again and again

I need to cease my silent screams
And gain control over the tears
I yearn to get rid of my dark dreams
Slowly overcoming unknown fears

It will take time — this is know well
Before the sun will shine for me
I’ll wipe those tears and to myself I’ll tell
Just fake a smile for the world to see

(c) Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life

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