A is for Ablutophobia #atozchallenge

There was young boy whose name was Steve
For whom washing was the biggest peeve
He was begged to shower
As he stank by the hour
But he refused and was asked to leave

(C) Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life

Note: Ablutophobia is the fear of washing or bathing.


***This has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2015. My theme is A to Z of Phobias. Entries are written in the form of a limerick.***

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The Month that was March 2015

march 2015

Unlike most months, I figured I’d wrap up March on the last day of the month instead of the first day of the new month. That’s because tomorrow, I start the A to Z Challenge. Holy shitballs! I’m nervous as I have only scheduled half my posts. But I’m hoping to get there by this weekend.

Before I start reflecting from the beginning of the month, can I just say this one thing — WE WON THE WORLD CUP! And for the 5th time! I’ve seen us win 4 out of 5 world cups now. To all my Indian friends, #WeTookItBack. :D

So anyway, March. I started the month by attending a Blogger’s Brunch in Surry Hills. Women I’d never met but really enjoyed meeting! It was also the month when my best friend at work left; it still feels really quiet without him. Being busy with uni and work led me to finally crash and I was glad I was able to take a break for a weekend down the south coast. I also enjoyed a laughter-filled weekend watching Russell Peters live and one weekend where Mr Imperfect and I had an unplanned but fun date night. I finally booked my tickets for my trip to Canada. A big thing to happen in March was my switch to Apple. Yes, I caved and got myself the iPhone 6. By the way, does anyone know how I can automatically sync my photos from the phone to the Macbook without plugging the phone in? My Nexus did that automatically with my Google account.

March is the month we celebrate International Women’s Day and this month, I voiced my feminist opinions loud and clear. I started with explaining why I am a feminist. This led to the start of a new series on my blog called Feminism Friday. So far, I have looked at how differently women authors are treated to their male counterparts and how we are constantly told to stay safe without much change in the system itself. This series will continue even though I am participating in the A to Z Challenge; you’ll just see two posts on Fridays!

How has March been for you?

Are you looking forward to April? More importantly, are you participating in the A to Z Challenge?

Do share!

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When Russell Peters came to Sydney

russell peters sydney

On Saturday night, Mr Imperfect and I went to watch stand-up comedian Russell Peters perform live at Allphones arena, Sydney. I had bought the tickets as Mr Imperfect’s Christmas present. I was the one who introduced Mr Imperfect to Russell Peters. Just like me, he too fell in love with the politically incorrect ethnic jokes. Especially the famous ‘Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad’ by Peters’ father.

Our start to yesterday’s event was well, eventful. I remembered an email I’d received a couple of days before saying doors opened at 6. We got to the Olympic Park by 530ish and parked in a side street. As we decided to have something to eat at Oporto, I happened to look at the tickets again and realised I’d made a mistake. The show only started at 8:00. We basically had two hours to kill with not much to do around! So we ended up taking the train back to Mr Imperfect’s parents place and spent about an hour there catching up with his folks before heading back to the venue.

The support comedian was Gregg Rogell who was quite funny with his jokes about his dog and religion and living in New York. When Russell Peters took the stage, the full house erupted. He had a few off moments {in my opinion} when he targetted a few overweight people in the audience and made some fat jokes. He did target one skinny guy too. He was at his best when making ethnic jokes though. Indian doctors and IT nerds and Asians were his prime targets there. I think I find him all the more funny because I can relate to the whole Indian thing. He had some more good material on toilet etiquette in different cultures and countries {which again, I can relate to having lived in three different countries}.

Mr Imperfect enjoyed it but thought it was a tad too long. I agree that it was long, but I suppose we have to get our money’s worth. It was an enjoyable night but I do think I prefer the low-key stand-up comedies with either more comedians or one for a shorter time.

Here’s one of my favourite standup from Peters:

Do you enjoy live comedy?

Do share!

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Feminism Friday: We need a change

Feminism Friday

I briefly mentioned in last week’s Feminism Friday about being disappointed that once again following the death of a woman, we were being advised to not walk in parks alone. It seemed to erupt on Twitter and everywhere else about how feminists were attacking the detective for what was common sense. The thing is, we weren’t attacking him. I’m sure he’s just as helpless as us. But the thing is, we need a change in the system. We need a change in sentencing laws — something that will well and truly bring about change. Amy probably explains this in a clearer way than I ever can.

This week, I read some incredible articles by bloggers on domestic violence. Given that so far, almost 2 Australian women have been killed by a partner or ex-partner just this year, these articles are so relevant and so important. Dorothy wrote about what you can do to help someone experiencing domestic violence. One of the biggest problems is that people tend to judge the woman for not leaving. Dorothy explains why women don’t leave. You must read her blog as she shares a lot of her own experience. Jess‘ post was another one that touched me this week. It was about growing up with an abusive father and is a raw and heart-wrenching read. Once again though, it clearly explains why women don’t leave.

So you see, something has to be done at a government level. Women are vigilant anyway. I think we have had to learn to do that. But when it’s your partner who is the perpetrator, no amount of vigilance is going to help. We need a cultural change and a systemic change. While we can continue to voice our need for change through social media, in the end, we need the people in power to implement the changes.

We need a change at the top.

Are you just as tired as I am to be told not to do things or go places just because of your gender?

Do share.

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The Plan


I see you look at me
Suspicious of my smile
I know you’d be happier
On seeing me cry

I try to act normal
Unfazed by the black and blue
Because come tomorrow morning
I’m finally leaving for a life brand new

(c) Sanch – Living my Imperfect Life


Image Source: Unsplash

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