Storage Solutions 101

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I live in a two bedroom unit. And while it is the perfect size for one person {or a couple}, there are times I struggle with space thanks to my tendency to hoard, shop and well, did I mention hoard? With a house mate, it renders the second bedroom as well as half the kitchen space, bathroom space and linen cupboard unusable to store stuff {unlike the case with a partner or family member}. Given this, I have to sometimes come up with ideas on how to effectively store my stuff. Especially during times when it gets out of control. Here are some of my storage solutions:

1. Cull: If I had to be completely honest, culling a lot of my stuff would solve most of my storage problems. I know that I could realistically sell a lot of my bigger clothes and just make sure I don’t put on weight. Ever. In the process, I can make some money and more space to store things I actually need!

storage under bed
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2. Space under the bed: There is a reason I like beds that are on frames with space underneath. That way, I get more storage space. Sure it might mean smaller boxes and clear boxes but at the same time, it’s space. It’s also a good hidey-hole for Buttons during thunderstorms.

3. Using my garage space well: At the moment, my garage is atrociously organised. I have things dumped in a corner and in a very disorganised fashion. As I drive in every day, I think about how I really should reorganise stuff and maybe add some shelves and make better use of the space. And then I leave and push it out of my mind. As you do. But seriously, it’s my goal to eventually get this done. I just need a month off work to focus on the house!

4. Storage cubes as furniture: I love the look of storage cubes even though I don’t have any. I love how you can pretty up a room or make it super-colourful and yet store away things you don’t need every day. I intend on getting one eventually and can totally see myself storing stuff like old university notes, shoes, some clothes, books, filing stuff…ah it would be a dream come true.

5. External storage solutions: If all else fails {read: I continue to hoard and continue being lazy!}, there are always external storage options such as Fort Knox Storage to help lighten my load. I’m sure I could just store all the stuff I don’t use regularly from all corners of the house and well, make a plan that if I don’t have to get out to use it, then I certainly don’t need it and can get rid of it within a year. You know what’s going to happen after that, don’t you? Good ol’ Murphy will rear his head and I’ll be looking for those Psych 101 notes or that dress I wore when John Howard was PM.

What about you? Are you a hoarder or just short of space at home? 

What are your storage solutions?

Do share!

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Are we done yet?

faded spark

A spark inside me has been slowly fading over the past few months. It has been with regards to my work. It started in harmless ways. Feeling lethargic at work. Procrastinating. Thinking of blogging and writing when I should be focussing on report writing. Feeling impatient with unmotivated clients. Feeling irritable at work.

Then it seemed to get harder. I noticed I was more tired at work. Initially I put it down to lack of sleep. Waking up for the gym was easy. Waking up for work, much harder. Tiredness was an excuse. Or maybe I really was feeling drained at work. But the energy levels would lift when I had to go to uni after work or to socialise after work. Every Monday I started my countdown to Friday. Sure, my work is draining. Listening to people’s problems can be hard work. But again, it wasn’t just that impacting on me.

I spoke about it with my supervisor. I spoke about how I would dream about days I could spend hiking, writing, with JK, with friends while I was at work. She wondered out loud if maybe – just maybe – because of writing and uni, I had perhaps lost interest in psychology as a career. That maybe I was carving a new career path.

But it didn’t feel right. I still felt that somewhere, I loved the work. After all, when an 8 year old client gave me a note asking me to help them with their stress, I teared up. When I was presented with a new assessment that seemed challenging, the motivation came back. It couldn’t be a lack of passion. We discussed other theories. And then last week, I had an assessment during which I went over time. It lasted three hours. Two of which I spent engaging an adolescent girl who had been written off by everyone. Who was being blamed and invalidated. Who had suffered from abuse. Who was hurting herself.  Separately, the parents were feeling defeated. And I cared. I cared for them all. Deeply. I almost cried when this girl who tried to be strong and not show her emotions had tears rolling down her cheeks. Tears she initially did not want to acknowledge. Because it would mean she was being ‘weak’.

So I obviously cared. I was not ‘over’ being a psychologist.

It had to be the other reason I had discussed with my supervisor. The work environment. There has been a lot of negativity in the work place over the last three months. And I fear that the negative energy has seeped into me. Every other aspect of my life is positive and uplifting or at least content. That’s why even when I’m tired, my spirits can be lifted. But the stress levels of others at work can feed through like a contagious plague. And this drains me more than the horrific stories I hear.

It was good to learn that I still care about what I do.

Maybe I need a change.

Or maybe I just need to repel the negativity. Somehow.

Especially as I still have a lot to give.

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Flatmate Frustrations


A couple of weeks ago, my reasonably new flatmate who moved in around the second week of August mentioned to me that she got a job back down the coast where she’s originally from. Which basically meant, she would be moving out again. She said she had handed in her notice at work and her current roster finished at the end of this month.

Anyway, so I figured I’d have to re-start my search again. Bummer. And then, last week, I barely saw her around. She is a shift worker so it isn’t unusual. I saw her briefly last Tuesday and spoke to her before I went to bed. On Friday, I messaged her saying that I was away for the weekend. But I never heard back. Tonight, I got home from the gym and noticed her bedroom door was left open. And then I noticed that none of her stuff was in there. She had moved out her stuff. Sometime today. And hadn’t told me she was moving. I checked the rest of the house and yep, she’d definitely moved out. There was nothing in the bathroom, in the linen closet, in the kitchen. And she hadn’t even left a note. Nor left the keys.

In this day and age, my first reaction was to post a status on Facebook about how confused I was. JK saw it and rang me and we talked for a while. Finally, after all that, I sent her a text. Hoping she would reply. And wondering what I’d do if she didn’t. Fortunately, she did. Confirmed she had moved out. And that she forgot to message me. But she would return the keys tomorrow.

It means though I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have to hunt for a flatmate without having rent coming in as a backup. It’s frustrating.

So any sane people out there looking for share accommodation? It’s a pretty good place I live in. And I’m a great flatmate. I promise!

What’s the most frustrating thing a flatmate/someone you relied on has done to you?

Do share!

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Wordless Wednesday: Spring in Pittwater

I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday post in a long time! The weekend getaway I’d mentioned previously is the best way to get back into this.


View from our window. We were right at the water


The Boathouse



pittwater kayaking



At sunset

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Of toilet seats and other hygiene quirks {plus giveaway}

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kitchen mess hygiene

Welcome to my kitchen when I’m lazy

I’m sure we all have our standards quirks when it comes to hygiene. Some of us, may I say, are probably a lot more obsessive than others across the board. For others, they can be obsessive about some areas over others. For instance, my previous housemate Z was picky about the kitchen being clean. Me, I have a thing about the toilet and bathroom. The rest of the house could remain a pig sty untidy as far as we were concerned. A recent conversation with one of my clients though got me thinking about just how far we all go with our obsessions quirks and I reflected on some of mine as well as some that I’ve heard from others.

Toilet seats: I know of people who will not use public toilets. Yes, some of them are my clients. But I used to be one too when younger. When I caved and started using public toilets, I still refused to actually sit on the seat choosing instead to hover slightly over it. Big mistake. Any ladies out there who do that probably know what I mean. We can’t aim. Hell, our bits are not designed to aim. Anyway, I soon learnt to stop doing that and instead wipe the seat with toilet paper before use. I have heard of others who will make sure they use the cleansing sprays or layer the seat with toilet paper so that they are not actually sitting on the seat.

Clean nails: I know someone who has to have clean nails. All the time. To the point where it can be distressing for them during hiking and camping trips where we don’t shower and well, can’t be immaculately clean. This person will try their best to clean their nails with twigs and more so once we have finished the hike. I know of a client who kept toothpicks for the same reason. I am all for personal hygiene but I find that when I am out camping, somehow dirt and unclean nails don’t bother me as much.

Washing hands: I think hand-washing is something that’s an OCD favourite. How many of you forget to wash your hands after using the toilet? Be honest! I don’t forget 99.9% of the time but there are times especially in the middle of the night when I might. As for when I’m camping and wee in the bush, well, there’s rarely any hand-washing opportunities there. I have a friend who has a ritual. It involves not just washing her hands with soap post-toilet use but also applying a particular moisturiser and scented oil. Now that’s taking hand hygiene to a whole new level!

Kitchen cleanliness: My mum is the queen of this. And my previous housemate Z would probably be a close second. I am picky about the cleanliness of the kitchen but for me it’s more that the bench tops are wiped down after use. My mum needed all dishes done before bed and needed the bench tops shining and spotless. Z on the other hand, had an organised form of cleaning. She ate a lot and while I would haphazardly pile dishes around the sink, she would stack them up neatly. She would also go through a procrastination phase and clean everything. To the point of the kitchen and laundry area being spotless too! I miss her.

Private parts: This is my biggest quirk. I need to keep them clean. I know you are probably thinking ‘Duh…so do we all!’. But this is something I am particular about even when I am out camping and hiking and have no access to a shower. I carry wet wipes/baby wipes with me just so I can feel clean. For me there is something really icky about not being able to be clean in my private parts. We all sweat. And emit other bodily fluids. Let’s face it — if you are not overly concerned about your hygiene in this area, I judge you!

Now for the good stuff:

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Head over heels

head over heels

Life is funny. Things happen when you least expect it. For me, I fell head over heels in love when I least expected to do so.

Around early July, I was done with dating and guys. I told a few friends about that after being set up on a date and then having him contact me fo a second, then cancelling and well, not contacting later. It didn’t bother me all that much because I was uncertain about how I felt after the first date anyway. But you know, it was just another thing in the dating game that did my head in. And I thought with uni coming up, I was going to be busy anyway, so it was probably for the best that I gave dating a break.

And then I met JK.

Well, I randomly met him a couple of times through some Meetup groups and while I thought he was cute and a really sweet guy, I didn’t for a moment think he’d be interested in me. But turns out he was. And it’s now almost two months since we have been together.

Dating JK has been so different from every other guy I’ve dated. There are no mixed messages. There is no stress about whether I should call or text. Or whether I will hear from him or not. There are no games. We’ve been open and straightforward from the start. We talk every day. And see each other most weekends. He makes me laugh. He brings a smile to my face with extremely sweet text messages. He surprises me. For our first official date, he planned it all and took me to the theatre. All I knew was we were going to the theatre. The rest of it was a surprise — the actual play, the theatre, the dinner. We share a lot in common — a love for writing, a love for books, a love for the outdoors, for animals, for healthy living. When I was sick a few weeks ago, he brought me chicken soup for dinner and looked after me. I have never been  looked after since leaving home at 21.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and I am so glad he took the risk to ask me out. It is just very comfortable. We just click. And it feels oh-so-right.


Us – being crazy

While I know it’s only been a couple of months, I can’t deny that I’m head over heels in love. In fact, my friend A said that JK is good for me as I’m not as anxious and ‘crazy’ as I used to be. :) As I write this, I am counting down the minutes to a weekend away together. A weekend of hopefully good weather to enjoy the outdoors and all that the beautiful place he has chosen has to offer.

I’ll see you on Monday!

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Five in Five: Worth Casing Awards

Mystery Case

Last week, the lovely Zita nominated me as a blogger worth casing for Ms Mystery Case’s Worth Casing Awards. I have to answer the five in five questions posed by Ms Mystery Case and then nominate 5 bloggers I think are worth casing.

1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I started blogging back in 2006 on Windows Live as a means to keep my family and friends updated on my life in Australia. By 2007 though, I moved over to Blogger using a pseudonym ‘Psych Babbler’ and blogging under ‘Over Cups of Coffee’. The blog continued to be a personal one but I interacted a lot more with the community from 2008. In 2012, I migrated to self-hosted wordpress blog and finally, in June this year, I realised I needed a change. I felt like I had outgrown Over Cups of Coffee and Living my Imperfect Life was born. I also ditched Psych Babbler for part of my real name. I wasn’t able to really find a niche and figured my niche would be life itself thereby allowing me to keep this blog personal and talk about pretty much anything and everything I want to talk about.

2. If your wardrobe could talk what would it say about you and tell us about your favourite or most worn item?

Hmm…my wardrobe would probably say I have way too many clothes. More than what I need. Having said that, I make it a point to wear most of my clothes. Well, the work ones anyway. I own a whole lot of dresses and skirts and funnily enough, in the last 18 months, have not worn trousers to work {I still wear my jeans on weekends or shorts in the warm weather!}. Favourite is hard to pick given that I love a lot of my dresses and my skirts and tops. I do love bright colours and red, orange and yellow tend to be my favourites. But in the end, I have way too many black dresses! I guess you could always follow me on Instagram to check out some of the outfit photos I put up.

3. What’s your idea of the perfect date night?

I’m not too fussy about the ‘perfect’ night. I have loved surprises — which have been very few I must admit! But generally, anything that involves either an activity or a great movie or play along with some good food is great. I do love a walk along the beach or any coastal walk. In the end, what makes a perfect date night for me is the perfect date.

4. What’s on your Worth Casing list?

Now where do I start with this? I’ll keep it short. On my worth casing list are (a) Several hikes I want to explore (b) Books I want to read (c) Books about writing and becoming a writer (d) Magazines I’d love to write for (e) Literary magazines I can submit creative works to. Yes, apparently writing features a lot on my worth casing list at the moment.

5. If you had a theme song what would it be and why?

There are two songs that would be my theme songs: Moment in the sun by The Living End and Dive In by Darius. Moment in the sun is kinda like the story of my life while Dive In is how I am living my life {Taking chances because well, in the end you can only sink or swim…so baby just dive in!}

It’s now my turn to nominate 5 bloggers I think are worth casing.

Melissa from Hugzilla {I love how she makes me laugh and is so amazing when it comes to gender issues!}

Pinky Ponker from The adventures of Pinky Poinker {She’s another one who makes you laugh out loud}

Rah from Rahest {From one cat-lady to another…}

Miss RBit from Legally Alien {My soul sister}

Chantell from Miss Understood {She’s so beautiful and so brave}

There are several more bloggers I love but I’m sure there are others who will surely pass on that love. If not, I will add you guys later. ;)

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