12 most annoying drivers on the road


I will admit I suffer from a lot of road rage almost every day. But you know what? I probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the whole bunch of annoying drivers on the road. Yes, it’s you. Not me. A warning before you go ahead: there is some use of foul language. Tends to happen a lot when I drive! And apparently, when I write about driving too.

Here are my 12 most annoying drivers:

1. The slow right-lane driver: For those of you not in Australia, the right lane is the one on which you overtake. In other words, it’s the fast lane. It really peeves me when there are drivers in the right lane going 5, 10 or sometimes even 20 kilometres under the speed limit! And given that I drive on the Hume Highway with a speed of 70 kph, I tend to see at least one slow driver each day. And this is when there isn’t any traffic {I’m not that nuts if there’s a lot of traffic!}

2. The zip through driver: This is the guy who zips from one lane to the next and back to the other. The guy who constantly zips in and out of lanes leaving you with your heart in your mouth just waiting for that accident to happen.

3. The cutter: This person is the one who cuts you off. Very rudely. How do they do this? Just squeezing into the space between you and the car in front of you. When there might be barely any space! You have every right to flip them.

4. The slow cutter: If there’s anything worse than the cutter, it has to be the slow-cutter. They are the ones who do exactly what the cutter above does but then, they drive fucking slowly. Way under the speed limit! It really pisses me off. If you are going to rudely come in my lane, then the very least you can do is go the speed limit {if not speed!}

5. The blinding lights: This is the car with the extra bright lights either coming the opposite direction or worse, right behind you so you get the full beams on your rearview mirror. And while on that note, what’s with all the white lights on cars lately? Whatever happened to the yellow lights?

6. The lost-in-space driver: This person drives while daydreaming. They go so slowly that you wonder why they are on the road in the first place. They could have been better off just staying home in bed. Chances are you will meet this driver when you are running late.

7. The truckie: Ok, so I know truckies do a great job for us but seriously, some truck drivers piss me off. I have had several instances where they have cut me or almost merged into me or well, just driven very recklessly. If there’s one thing I loathe, it’s being caught behind a truck or worse, next to one. I always do my best to get away from them!

8. The revver: This guy {and yes, more often than not, it’s a guy!} is constantly revving his engine for a few hundred metres in Sydney traffic. Which means, he does it a gazillion times and annoys the crap out of everyone around. And not to mention, pollutes the air with his revver.

9. The talker-and-texter: Not only is this person doing something so dangerous, they seem to think they can get away with it. It’s illegal to drive with a mobile phone in your hand. And I fail to comprehend why they cannot use the speaker on the phone. Just don’t get it. I once had a lady almost merge into me and when I caught up with her later, I realised she was busy talking on her fricking phone!

10. The I-can’t-read-signs: These are the people who will enter a ‘left lane must turn left’ lane and then go straight. Or right. Or anything but left. Apparently, they suffer from a problem called I-choose-to-not-read. Their sense of entitlement never ceases to annoy me. I send out all the expletives I can, flip them and beep at them. Fuckers. {Can you feel the rage coming through???}

11. The can’t-decide-my-lane: This person is so indecisive they take up two lanes. What can I say? Apart from “choose your fucking lane!”

12. The wank: And the final one. This person is the driver who has more than one of the above annoyances. And trust me, there are a fair few of them around. They are the ones I refer to as wankers when they pass by me and the ones I shake my head at. Tsk, tsk.

Have you got any other annoying drivers you know of?

Do share!

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Problogger Conference for non-attendees #pbevent


If like me, you aren’t attending the Problogger Conference this year and are feeling a bit left out reading all the posts on things ‘to-do’ in preparation for it, you are certainly in need of my post. This is a post for those of us who for some reason or the other *ahem* lack of funds *ahem* can’t attend PB Event 2014. The event of the year that sees all bloggers from Australia {and elsewhere?} networking, socialising, learning will have us green with envy partying along.

These are some tips for us non-attendees for this weekend:

Have a Twitter party: Who says we can’t party online? I’m sure all our lovely attendees will be dressed up to the nines and networking in their nautical outfits but we can party too. Via Twitter. And our theme can be Onesies! Oh yeah!

Stuff our faces: Every party has to have food. And not just finger food with fancy waiters going around. We will sit in our onesies and gorge on cheese, crackers, chocolate, ice cream, and any other take-away you like. Forks, knives and spoons optional.

Instagram away: While our lovely attendees will be instagramming and tweeting about the conference and post-party, we can instagram and tweet about our wonderful moments. Yup. Just what everyone wants — our lunches, our dinners, our snacks, our drive to the shops…all of it. {I think I do that already…should be easy!}

Use our imagination: As bloggers if there’s one thing we don’t lack, it’s imagination. If you visualise really, really hard, I’m sure we can picture ourselves sitting there in the QT hotel conference rooms listening to the likes of Mr Problogger himself or amazing bloggers like Eden and Chantelle. C’mon non-attendees, let’s play pretend! :D

Skype in: Let’s just beg some of our fellow bloggers to skype us in at least for the networking events. In return, they will get our fabulous presence! :D Or maybe a bottle of wine sent their way. Any takers?

On a serious note though, I can’t believe it’s almost a year since the last Problogger event. Miranti texted me the other day reminding me of the same. All I can say is time flies!

I hope all you attendees have a lovely time and do spare some thought for the non-attendees. We will be with you in spirit I suppose! {Yeah, right!} I might just avoid social media over the weekend so as to not feel too envious!

Are you attending Problogger? Or like me, will you be spending it doing non-bloggy stuff?

Do share!

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Like a girl #LikeAGirl

I’m not sure if you are aware of the ‘Like a girl‘ campaign. Before I show you the video, I want you to think about a couple of things. What comes to your mind when I say ‘runs like a girl’? How about ‘throws like a girl’? Or alternatively, ‘lifts like a girl’?

Now, watch the video if you haven’t done so previously.

Were your thoughts like the older individuals in the video? Or were they like the young girls?

It really does make you wonder about the social constructs and stereotypes we come up with in society about what it means to be a girl. Like most things to do with women, there is a negative connotation to doing anything like a girl. Why would anyone in their right minds cry like a girl? Or want to run like a girl?

The reality is there are some fantastic female runners. And some girls throw really well. As for lifting, while girls may not always be physically on par with men, it doesn’t mean they don’t lift weights more than 2 kgs.

Why can’t we use it as a compliment instead?

Maybe to run like a girl would mean to run your best and really fast.

Maybe to lift like a girl would involve lifting the maximum you can.

Maybe throwing like a girl would be to throw as hard and fast as you possibly can.

And maybe, just maybe to cry like a girl just means you are capable of showing your emotions and be vulnerable.

P&G’s Always campaign about #LikeAGirl has asked people to rewrite the rules. And has asked us what we are proud to do like a girl. So here’s mine.

I am physically strong like a girl.

I am confident like a girl.

I can throw like a girl.

I can run like a girl.

I can box like a girl.

I can hike like a girl.

I can climb like a girl.

I can kick like a girl.

I can cry like a girl.

I can laugh like a girl.

I can love like a girl.

me like a girl

Yep, pretty sure I’m a girl!

Because in the end, I am a girl {ok, maybe a woman!}

And pretty damn proud of it.

So tell me, what are some things you can do like a girl?

Do share! 

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Happiness is…

…receiving a text message from a certain someone.

…spending times with friends.


…knowing you are loved.

…having cats that are forgiving. Even when you haven’t spent much time with them.

…being able to write.

…working out in the morning.


…sunny days.

…wanting to  be with someone just as much as they want to be with you,

…not having much sleep but still running on adrenalin.

…awaiting the start of spring.

…planning a getaway.


…receiving a bunch of flowers. Just because.

…talking on the phone for over an hour even though you’ve spent a whole lot of time together before that.

…doing something different from your 9 to 5 job.

…the weekend.

…sharing snuggles.


…coffee. About three times a day.

…sharing your passions.

…making a difference.

…living your life to the fullest. No matter how perfectly imperfect it might be.

What is happiness to you?

Do share!

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How to procrastinate effectively

I’m in the process of trying to finish my very first essay for uni. Although it’s been 7 long years since I wrote an essay, turns out, I haven’t lost one of my skills from university days: the art of procrastinating. I used to be really good at that. And turns out, now I’m even better. In my attempt to complete my 1200 word close-reading essay on a page from a book of my choice, I am happy to announce:

Sanch’s Guide on how to procrastinate effectively:


1. Blog: Make sure all the brilliant blog ideas strike when you are just about to make that critical argument in your essay. How-to posts are great as are all the link-ups you need to write for. And if you ever have writer’s block, turns out it will disappear the minute you have to focus on something as riveting as an essay. And while we are at blogging, reading other blogs is a brilliant way of procrastinating. After all, you probably haven’t had time to read them in the past week and this is the perfect time to read and comment on them!

2. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: When I was at uni 7 years ago, Facebook was the only procrastination tool I had to distract me from my thesis. Now with the mass social media revolution, I have way more options. So if Facebook gets boring, I can procrastinate using 140 characters or just viewing photos. Every few seconds. Not that my instagram feed gets updated that quickly. But you never know!

3. Speak on the phone: Just this evening I had two one-hour long conversations. In the three hours I’d allocated myself to complete my essay. Yep. Genius. Make sure you reconnect with friends from long-ago or even just touch base with that close friend to talk about any problems they may be having. Not only does it distract you from your big problem {The ESSAY!}, you feel good at being able to help out a friend. Perks, much? And of course, make time to speak to that special person in your life. Time well spent, I say.

4. Whatsapp: This is the time to remember to whatsapp your sister, your friends who are overseas, your long lost cousins. Whoever.

5. Do the dishes: I hate doing the dishes. But somehow, when there’s an essay due, I’d rather wash the damn dishes. Amazing how clean my kitchen is at this point!

6. Eat: Now I’m generally hungry every couple of hours but when I’m attempting to complete an assignment, it’s like my body and brain needs extra fuel. To the point where I’ll go to the kitchen every 15 to 20 minutes to see if something mysteriously pops up in my bare pantry and fridge. Keeps me off-task. Just as the procrastination gurus intended.

7. Make me a cuppa: If I’m working on my essay during the day, it’s usually coffee I lean towards. In the evening, post-work, it’s herbal teas. And lots and lots of it. And you know what happens when you drink too much fluid, don’t you? Yep, bathroom breaks! That’s two for the price of one! :)

8. Think and plan for other assignments: Apparently, if you want to procrastinate but still feel productive, start thinking about other assignments. The end result tends to be you don’t do anything well but you feel like you have done something. Barely.

9. Skype your parents: Even though I talk to my parents probably just once or twice a month, it seems to become essential to skype them the night I have uni work to do. Family is important. Except when you are out hiking or socialising or working or at home writing and blogging.

10. Reorganise and reorder: Now I haven’t actually done this one. Yet. But my previous housemate Z was the queen of this. I’d come home some days from work to find that she had reorganised the kitchen and laundry. Or that she had cleaned the garage {which I’d been intending on doing since I moved in 5 years ago} and reorganised everything in it. Let’s see if my uni work pushes me that far! I have been known to clean the house and my room in the past. So I wouldn’t put it past me…

So that’s it for my tips on how to procrastinate effectively.

Have you got any other ideas? What things do you do to procrastinate?

Do share!

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Thoughts on a rainy morning


It’s been pissing down in Sydney all morning and I am sick of it. I am not a fan of the rain at the best of times and it’s even worse when it’s a Monday morning, you’re tired from too much fun on the weekend, stressed with too much work, and well, then have to deal with dull, grey skies. On my drive to work, I had some interesting random thoughts on a rainy morning. They kinda went like this…

  • Why do people drive like maniacs especially on rainy days?
  • How do people not turn on their headlights when it’s so dark? Can they even read their speedometer?
  • I need two short story ideas for uni — when is inspiration going to strike?
  • Why won’t my assignment just write itself?
  • It’d be awesome if I could just think and type. That’s what Google needs to invent!
  • I can’t wait for the weekend already. {And yes, I was perfectly aware it’s only Monday}
  • I need to start making more interesting lunches. Tuna and crackers is just not cutting it!
  • I can’t be stuffed cooking.
  • I wish I had a robot to cook and clean. And go to work for me.
  • Actually, I wish I could work part-time and get the same pay.
  • Another 5 sleeps to the weekend. Sigh.
  • I need to blog but I feel like I’ve lost my mojo.
  • Some people make blogging look so easy.
  • I wish I had more hours in the day.
  • You know what would give me more hours in the day? Teleporting! Stupid driving to places takes up so much time.
  • What’s with the maniac drivers on the road?
  • This is the perfect morning to be sleeping in and not going anyway. Perfect pyjama day.
  • What the fuck am I doing heading off to work?
  • Ah damn. Work’s here.
  • I want the weekend!

Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’ve only got one client today. These thoughts did make me wonder whether I’m due for a holiday, a change in job or whether I should just keep it as a write-off due to shitty weather.

Do you ever have random thoughts like this? How are you coping with this dull and dreary Monday morning? 

Do share!

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