Me, Myself and I

Taking Stock #1

May 16, 2017

I have lots I want to blog about but for some reason, can’t seem to find the right words yet. So I thought I’d let the words flow by just Taking Stock. I have always wanted to write one of these posts but just never seemed to get to it. So five months into 2017, here’s me, taking stock. Making: plans for cutting down my work hours Cooking: easy-peasy healthy recipes thanks for 12WBT Drinking: herbal teas and lots of it Reading:…

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Me, Myself and I

A letter to my future self #FridayReflections

May 12, 2017

Dear 43-year-old Sanch, It’s weird thinking of you in your forties. For some reason, I always remember dreaming of life in my twenties and thirties but never the forties. No, I didn’t think you’d be dead before forty but in my younger years, it seemed so far away. So unattainable. 43-year-old Sanch — how are you? I hope you are content with life. I know that ten years ago, there was a lot of discontent. A great deal of soul-searching.…

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Mental health

13 thoughts on Thirteen Reasons Why

May 9, 2017

Last year, I read the book Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher. This weekend, I finally finished watching the Netflix show based on the book. While the show does do justice to the book, there are certainly some differences but I guess that’s because they probably want to produce a second season. While there were lots of things the book and show did well at, there were also some things that didn’t sit well with me in both. Before you go…

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Flourish Inside Out

Fun and laughter in May

May 2, 2017

Given that it’s a new month, it’s time for a different theme for Flourish Inside Out. In May, we look at amusement. Amusement is the positive emotion experienced during play – either physical, rough-and-tumble play, or mental play in the form of games, puzzles, and humour. I realised some time ago that I seemed to have lost my sense of fun. I used to laugh a lot. I used to make jokes. But then, somewhere along the line, I got serious.…

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The Month That Was

April 2017: Oh-so-curious

May 1, 2017

Is it May already? I almost forgot it was a new month until it was bedtime yesterday. April seemed to just zoom past! April was an interesting month for me. I tend to enjoy it due to all the public holidays we tend to have. The long weekend for Easter is always good — no one can beat four days! And this year, we were lucky to have great weather. Then there is the holiday for Anzac day which this…

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